Hand Crafted Modular Steel Guitars


Combo Tone steel guitars are designed to be played either in a sitting or (with the use of our three point strap)  standing position. You can also connect a standard guitar to create  a guitsteel, or with the use of our Addaneck blocks turn a single neck steel  into a double or a double into a triple neck steel.  The scale length is 22.5". Painted bodies are made of poplar. String spacing on 6 and 8 string guitars is 3/8" parallel  from nut to the bridge. The nut is brass and bridge is 6160 aluminum. I use Reranch paint colors with a nitrocellulose clear coat. The pickups are either Jason Lollars P90's for 6 string guitars and  Console Grand's  for 8 string guitars or George Ls. for 9,10 and12 string guitars. The fret boards are pickguard materiel  with etched frets and stainless steel rivets for markers. I use Gotoh tuners                                                                                           

 For the natural finish guitars I use wormy maple and walnut with inlaid ash for frets,abalone dots for markers and a hand rubbed Tung oil finish. 

                                                                                        The Spanish style guitars have Golden age pickups and Mighty Mite necks from StewMac.                                          

 Hard shell cases are built using  box corner construction.  

Tortex covering, riveted hardware and optional built in amp using a Roland Micro cube.                                                                                             Custom  orders are welcome. 

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Thanks for checking out my guitars.

Jim Davies